Test Your Own Skills! Try These Tricks with Your Students with LD

To someone without learning disabilities, the techniques outlined in Academic Success Strategies for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities and ADHD by Esther Minskoff and David Allsopp might sound simplistic. But students with LD often struggle with tasks that seem obvious to others and simple mnemonic devices and step-by-step instructions can be a great benefit to them.

In Academic Success Strategies, you will find a series of field-tested, easy-to-remember strategies that your students can practice. With regular reinforcement, they will be able to phase out habits of “learned helplessness” and learn to rely on themselves when they run up against difficulties.

Check your instincts: See how many of the strategies below you can match with the skill they’re designed to enhance.

Primary Skill
Which Strategy will help me . . . with this subskill?

a. Organization
remember to bring things to class?
b. Test Taking
with true/false tests?
c. Study Skills
start studying?
d. Notetaking
take notes when the teacher talks fast?
e. Reading
remember new vocabulary?
f. Writing
remember what words need to be capitalized?
g. Mathematics
use the distributive property to solve problems?
h. Advanced Thinking
organize information sequentially?

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